Student union bids for more money

Westminster student union (UWSU) wants greater funding from the university to provide better services for its 22,000 students.

The union currently receives just under half a million pounds per year to fund all union-related ventures. Profits from the shop and bars are additional to this.

Graham Gaskill, general manager of UWSU said: “Our funding from the university is significantly lower than other similar sized universities in the country. For example, the University of the West of England student union receives £740,000 per year.”

The union received a 20 per cent increase last year.
Rather than submit an application each year, the university suggested that the union submit a four-year bid.

Mr Gaskill said: “We would like to see an increase of 50 per cent over the next four years. This is a financially successful university and more should be put into services for our students.”

The court of governors decides the budget for each academic year. It has a £100 million income from fees and government grants, which it divides between services such as the library and the union.

The court of governors will meet on 10 May and reveal their decision on 11 May.

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