Westminster girl is Page 3 idol

Westminster student Tessa Lancashire is set to go top(less) of the class – by baring all in the Daily Sport.

Stunna TessaNineteen year-old Tessa, a first-year law student, sent the daily newspaper some photos “for a laugh”. The Sport called back the next day.

Now she is set to make her topless debut in the paper’s Page 3 Idol column, where readers vote for their favourite “girl next door”.

“I was overwhelmed when the Sport called,” said Tessa. “I was really happy, but nervous as well, because I haven’t told my mum. I think she’ll be shocked, but quite cool about it. It’s just a bit of fun.”

Birmingham-born Tessa used to work as a waitress at Spearmint Rhino, the famous lapdancing club. But she never imagined she would be the one stripping off.

Her Page 3 Idol picture will appear in the Sport sometime in April and, if she wins the readers’ poll, it could lead to a contract with the newspaper.

Tessa has no plans to make a career in glamour, but says she would be thrilled to win and be paid to pose topless. The amateurs in Page 3 Idol are not paid for their pictures.

She knows some might disapprove, but her boyfriend is right behind her, although she says he wouldn’t be happy if she decided to strip. Her friends have also been very supportive.
To feminists who say that glamour modelling exploits women, she says “lighten up”.

“It’s a bit pathetic, really. I can see their point of view when it comes to pornography, but if girls want to do topless modelling, I can’t see the harm. You see topless women on every beach in the summer.”

A spokesman for the Daily Sport said: “Tessa is a really nice girl, with a great body. We’re all chuffed she wanted to pose for us.”

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