Clubbing in Harrow

It is a central part of student culture to go out on continuous clubbing expeditions. It is easy to see why. The promise of music, no matter how cheesy, x amount of alcohol and more importantly, the possibility of pulling a random.

For those who fail in the sexual conquest, there is always the mighty kebab, the must-have food that is the cement of a drunken night out.

Area 51
Although Area 51 is only open on Thursday and Friday nights, there is a variety of music played there. Thursdays usually tend to be drum‘n’bass, r’n’b or hip-hop, whilst Fridays cater for those who like pop and cheese. Entry is very cheap – £3 with student ID. If you forget your ID, fret not, because you can sign in as a guest as long as your mates bring theirs. The night starts at around 9pm and finishes at 2am. With special deals similar to the Undercroft, you don’t have to splash out on drinks. Although the venue is quite dreary, it’s not impossible to have a good night.

Time Nightclub
Time plays a variety of music, from cheese to r‘n’b. But the problem is that, as it’s the only proper nightclub in Harrow town centre, it attracts riff-raff, because there is nowhere else for them to go. Girls may have to escape the clutches of pervy old men, salivating at the mouth. There are also a fair mix of disgusting old women – think mutton dressed in leopard skin. On an r’n’b/garage night, expect wannabe bad-boys (thinking they’re black) with their pretend ice spitting lyrics such as:“Yo, yo! Gyal, you’re looking cris, init?” When you say no the reply might be: “I know what it is, you think I’m a playa, innit?” Which usually means that they fancy themselves as a player. After heavy persistence, they’ll retort indignantly: “Cha, man, look at ‘er dissin’ me, like she’s all that. I didn’t like ‘er anyway!”

Trinity is one of the better places to go in Harrow. It opens at 12pm and is open late throughout the week. A happy hour operates Sunday to Thursday from 7pm-10pm. The two-floor venue has the capacity for a variety of entertainment ranging from DJs and live acts to comedians and people playing demos. There is always a DJ on Friday nights and a live band on Saturdays. They play a variety of music, from pop and cheese to r’n’b and reggae. There’s also a bar upstairs which is ideal for private parties and can be booked with a deposit of £50.

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