Student radio rocks

The Friday Lunchbox Show is a new radio magazine brought to us by BA media studies students.

Instead of tuning in from home, I went behind the scenes.

The producer, Sam Gregory, welcomed me to the bustling studio where scripts were flying, mics were tested and Doritos were munched.

Presenters Sophie Pringle and Tim Pryor kicked off the show by asking listeners to comment on the current state of the music charts.

The first interview of the day was with Xander, a human beat box, Westminster’s answer to a broken record.

The show’s on air slickness was a stark contrast to the heated tempers of the off air antics.

Amid the chaos of the show running overtime, an interview was squeezed in with head of the Film Society, Chris Adams.

Marcelle Williams filled listeners in on the latest showbiz news and Ebba Winai reviewed the current movie releases.

Next up was Anne Marie Degregorio’s news bulletin with the top stories on Serbia, Coca-Cola and Les Ferdinand.

The Friday Lunchbox has all the ingredients of a good show; it has a variety of music, news, sports, weather, showbiz gossip, entertainment and interviews.

Though the production team may be amateur, the show is nothing less than professional.

The show is broadcast on Friday lunchtimes from 1 – 2pm through the televisions on the street.

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