If it’s good enough for him …

By Dodgy drummer Mathew Priest
…it’s good enough for us. The drummer from legendary britpop band Dodgy casts his well-trained eye over Westminster’s best student bands.

Dodgy: Mathew furthest from right

Fusing Naked – Asif Ali
Bloody good. Obviously, the production sounds basic, because we are used to Dre’s state of the art creations with 50 Cent etc., but this collective make up for it with pure, fresh ideas. Great rappers as well. And don’t be so serious in the biog, man.

Blimey. I was expecting shit, but so far I’ve only heard individuality and invention. Bikeshed will no doubt, as they get bigger, get referred to the Yeah x3s and the Kills but you should look more towards the Pixies for an idea of their sound. Really good.

Really competent Nu-Metal type band who have a deep-voiced, growly bloke like the chap from Slipknot, and also a singer who does melodies and stuff, like the guy from Linkin Park. Can’t stomach this stuff, myself, but I can tell that they are doing it well.

Birds of Paradise
Oh shit! This started like a daft Beefheart type track, excellent, but then he started growling and shouting and it went all Napalm Death on mushrooms. Maybe this is the new punk and I am one of the oldies.

Marconi’s Voodoo
Real shit name, but I suppose that don’t matter when you have Limp Bizkit in the world. Imagine the Faces mixed with Korn. That’s just the first track. Again, really inventive stuff and the band are really good but I don’t want to listen to it. Maybe that is their intention. Is there a new drug that I’ve missed out on?

The ContraBand
They say on the sleeve of this CD that it’s a “piss poor demo”. It’s not at all; it’s surprising and creative. So go into a studio and produce something you are happy with, for fuck’s sake, it doesn’t cost that much.

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